Within the context of a cozy and welcoming Rembrandt District, there will be hosts active in the area on both Friday night and Saturday night.

What are these hosts and hostesses doing? As a team of hosts, they will be welcoming visitors in the Rembrandt District from 8.30pm until 4.30am.

The hosts are not security guards. Of course, sometimes tough or violent things happen. People are drinking too much, someone is almost going knockout or there might be a small fight. Hosts are not qualified to intervene, but they do know where to go if a situation seems to escalate. With a radio they have direct contact with enforcement and the police.

The primary objective of the hosts is to welcome you as a visitor. They are informing the visitors about where to eat what, which clubs are out there and where the taxis are leaving. But they also point it out to the visitors if they park their bikes incorrectly. A quality of the host is that they are open and friendly on the one hand, and on the other hand they can also switch quickly to point out to visitors that there are residents in the area who are trying to sleep and that garbage doesn’t belong on the street but in the garbage bin.

So, if you want to know which places are still fun at the end of the night, or if you just want a snack of you would like to know how to get home as quickly as possible, feel free to ask the host.

Moreover, it’s not that easy to become a host or hostess. The host undergoes an intensive procedure at the end of a training. In this training someone is assessed, with a role playing game among other, to see if they are suited for the job or not.

Everybody who is enthusiastic, is welcome to join the team. Not only young people. In the team we also have hosts in their fifties who are doing this next to another job, and a mom who is bringing her kids to bed before she goes to the square.

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